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Pre-designed, validated assays: Reference gene standards 

NGS library quantification

Custom assays  for qPCR or RT-qPCR

eDNA monitoring: standards for the Natural England GCN assay

Quantification of bacteria

qPCR services

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Reference gene standards and positive controls for RT-qPCR

We have a number of validated, pre-designed assays for commonly-used reference genes.  All our assays have been thoroughly tested on complex biological samples (i.e cell or tissue cDNA samples) in real qPCR reactions to ensure:

specificity – a single band of the correct size is generated, a single melt peak is observed

sensitivity – high efficiency ensures that as few as 10 copies can be measured in complex biological samples

linearity – standard curves from 107-101 copies per reaction are linear, r2>0.99

good efficiency – ≥95% calculated from the slope of the standard curve

Price: £95 per reference gene standard or £440 for a set of five standards of your choice – free delivery within the UK. For pricing of eDNA positive controls please follow this link.

What are the  advantages of using standards?

How many reference genes should I run for normalisation?

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You will receive:

1×109 copies of purified standard (sufficient for up to 100 standard curves) and a complimentary aliquot of each primer (while stocks last).

full disclosure of all primer and amplicon sequences, positions, and full quality assurance documentation (standard curve for 107-101 copies/reaction, product melt curve and agarose gel image).

To buy, please send a Purchase Order specifying the product codes to

Click on the links below to view assay details and product codes:

human, mouse & rat, chicken, zebrafish, D. melanogaster, C. elegans, Xenopus


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Custom assay standards for RT-qPCR or qPCR

Want to do absolute quantification but can’t face making standards? We can provide custom-made known copy number standards for RT-qPCR. Our comprehensive service includes assay design, synthesis and full experimental validation, provision of quality assurance data and disclosure of all sequences.

Provide us with an accession number for your gene of interest (we may require a small amount of cDNA) and we will design an assay, make the standards and provide you with 1×109 copies of purified standard (sufficient for up to 100 standard curves) plus the primer sequences. Prior to despatch we will check the assay specificity by melt curve and agarose gel analysis, the linearity from 107-101 copies (r2>0.99), and assay efficiency (≥95%). These quality control data will be included with your standards.

Price: from £120 per standard – free delivery within the UK

To order, please email your requirements to


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Standards for quantifying total bacterial numbers

Although the 16S rRNA gene is commonly used to quantify bacterial numbers, it suffers the disadvantage of being a multiple copy gene. The single copy gene rpoB is therefore a better template for the quantification of bacterial numbers by qPCR, particularly when sample contain more than one species. Our rpoB assay does not amplify DNA from archaea.

Click on the link below to view assay details and product code:

Bacterial rpoB assay

Price: £105 – free delivery within the UK


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qPCR services

We offer comprehensive qPCR service tailored to individual needs from sample preparation and quality control through to data normalisation and statistical analysis including:

● RNA quality controls

● Reverse transcription

PCR inhibition check

● gDNA contamination check

● qPCR (cDNA or DNA)

● Normalisation against a panel of reference genes

● Statistical analyses

Costs are calculated according to the number of assays required and the number of samples to be run. Contact us for a quotation at


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