About Us

qStandard is committed to providing an informative and stimulating learning environment for our course participants. We strongly support recent moves to improve the quality of qPCR data and courses are designed our courses to comply with MIQE guidelines published in 2009. We have previously run courses for the BBSRC Molecular Training for Industry programme, King’s College graduate school and The Physiological Society. In all we have trained over 900 scientists in quantitative real-time PCR. We are also available for consultation and for contract research work involving qPCR.

qStandard is now solely owned by Dr Patricia de Winter. Formerly a Partnership between Dr David Sugden and Dr Patricia de Winter, the Partnership was dissolved in 2020 upon David’s retirement. David continues to participate as a consultant to the business.  Patricia de Winter is also a post-doctoral researcher at University College London.

Our Data Protection policy

Our GDPR compliance statement and information about how we use your data may be found here: Our data protection policies and GDPR compliance