Reference gene assays for RT-qPCR – chicken

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Chicken colour

Gene symbol Accession number(s) Product code Amplicon length (bp) Intron: span/flank Intron length (bp) Amplicon %GC
ACTB NM_NM_205518 gga_ACTB_001 145 span n/a 59.3
B2M NM_001001750 gga_B2M_001 157 span n/a 59.9
GAPDH NM_204305 gga_GAPDH_001 107 span n/a 47.7
PPIA NM_001166326 gga_PPIA_001 127 span n/a 55.9
YWHAZ NM_001031343 gga_YWHAZ_001 122 span n/a 42.6


    ? Primers have been designed to avoid 3′ SNPs and secondary structure (self-annealing)
    ? No secondary structure in the amplicon for any assay (positive delta G)
    ? Specificity has been checked by melt peak analysis and the presence of only a single band on a gel
    ? Standard curves down to 10 copies per reaction have been run for each assay and all show excellent linearity (R² >0.99) Efficiency (>95%) and sensitivity (repeat of 10 copies consistently detected)
    ? Primers have been tested at an annealing temperature of 57°C. Higher annealing temperatures (up to 60°C) are possible, but require individual validation

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