The workshop covers all main aspects of qPCR. It is highly recommended for beginners and moreover, for users that need a more thorough understanding of the technique and its tips and hints. Overall, the course was very useful, well-organised and most importantly, run by experts in qPCR.

Dr Veronica S Gil
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, The Institute of Cancer Research.

The qStandard qPCR workshop gave a great theoretical overview of qPCR, combined with relevant practical sessions. The staff were very approachable and friendly, and were more than happy to answer any queries. I cannot recommend this course enough for beginners in qPCR and feel it has set me on the right track in my research.

Richard Freeman
PhD student, Heriot Watt University

Patricia and David organised a 2-day qPCR training course for us at the NIBCS. The course was tailor-made and focused on the use of qPCR for pathogen detection in a clinical diagnostic setting. The course was divided into a theory part and a practical during which each participant performed its own nucleic acid extraction, qPCR and agarose gel migration. The training course was very accessible at the beginning and complexity built up progressively allowing everybody to follow. Patricia and David were both very friendly and took their time to explain everything and to answer all the questions the participants had. It was a very valuable experience and the feedback obtained from the participants were all very positive. Patricia and David have a vast expertise in qPCR. I therefore highly recommend qStandard for any qPCR training course or qPCR study/work

Dr Sophie Collot-Texeira
Molecular Virologist, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Health Protection Agency

The service I have received from qStandard has been outstanding. They have provided expert advice on complex assays, which has been invaluable to my research, and have always been thoroughly reliable and efficient. The assays designed by qStandard have been of the highest quality and have resulted in a marked improvement in the standard of my qPCR data

Dr Lisa Mullen
Post-doctoral researcher, Queen Mary Univeristy of London