This workshop gave a very good overview of RT-qPCR and the practical aspects were particularly helpful. The course staff were very friendly and helpful and we felt free to ask anything – even rather basic questions – without trepidation. It gave me the confidence to go back to my own lab and embark upon gene quantification myself – an essential skill for today’s researcher

Dr Patricia Leoni
Principal Research Fellow, University College London, UK

The combination of theoretical understanding and practical work helped tremendously in setting up qPCR as a means to study gene expression in Drosophila development

Marie-Sophie Cate
Ph.D. student, MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, King's College London, UK

At the time I attended this qPCR workshop, I was an ‘advanced beginner’. It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Complex concepts were explained step by step, by describing their molecular and physiological relevance. At the end of that workshop I was able to perform PCR on my own and had clarified things I had been previously been unsure about. I especially benefited from understanding how to analyze real time PCR data, i.e. how to compare if there was a significant difference in gene expression between experimental groups. I would recommend his PCR workshops to beginners, as well as to advanced users

Dr Zoran Redzic
Associate Professor, Kuwait University, Kuwait