qStandard has provided an excellent service, which included strict quality control and knowledgeable advice. This meant an overall increase in the quality and quanitity of our gene expression analysis.”

Dr Birger Herzog
Ark Therpeutics

The service I received from qStandard has been exceptional. They were very knowledgeable and helpful at the planning stages and thoroughly efficient in delivering exactly what we required

Dr Neelam Gurav
King's College London

This workshop was quite simply the best one I have ever attended. The combination of theory and practical work made the course highly informative and thoroughly enjoyable. There were ample opportunities to ask questions and both instructors put their considerable knowledge of qPCR completely at our disposal. Prior to attending this workshop, I had virtually no experience of qPCR. The most impressive aspect of this workshop is that it has given me sufficient understanding of the theory underpinning qPCR, along with hands-on experience of the techniques involved, to allow me to return to my lab with the confidence to design and perform qPCR experiments. The data analysis session was particularly useful in understanding how to design qPCR experiments as well as how to interpret the data collected. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone using qPCR in their research, regardless of prior experience

Dr Lisa Mullen
Post-doctoral researcher, Queen Mary Univeristy of London

The course was an ideal balance of theory and hands-on experience. Sessions were interactive and provided good opportunities for discussion. Highly recommended for those new to qPCR but also as a welcome update to current practice

Dr Raheela Khan
Associate Professor, University of Nottingham, UK